The ESFJ is the caretaker. With extroverted feeling (Fe), otherwise known as objective ethics, and introverted sensing (Si), otherwise known as subjective sensation, as their Primary and Auxiliary functions, ESFJs life focus is on people and making sure others are happy. Often times, ESFJs will care about other people too much, and lose touch with themselves. As with all personalities, there is a difference between your subjective identity and your role in the world. In the case of ESFJs, they are very aware of their role as a caretaker, however they are very distracted from their subjective identities, as they will sacrifice most of the effort placed into others where it should be spent observing themselves.

ESFJs are well tuned with the environment. They are aware of everything going on around them, and can adjust and adapt to their environments very easily. They feel the flow of energy that courses through nature. They love plush objects, and comfortable living conditions. If need be, an ESFJ can ditch all of these things and live a rather spartan lifestyle. ESFJs have considerable willpower and can be quite forceful when they want something done their way. An angry ESFJ is a force to be reckoned with, especially considering their ability to gain support by others. But in most cases, ESFJs are scared of direct conflict unless their own mood takes priority over the emotional atmosphere at that moment.

With Ti as their inferior function, they often put very little practice into developing their rationality. They may consider themselves very smart people, only that “they haven’t gotten around to it yet.” Their love for subjective logic may take the form of being put at awe with the complexity of the universe. They may occasionally obsess over topics such as cosmology, religion, and the history of the universe, and what it all means. Some of them may strive to become self sufficient and practical, learning how cars work, and building impressive constructions. In some cases, you may find an ESFJ digging through a scrap yard so they can build their custom vehicle at home. They love to flex their hidden creative muscles of Ti and Ne to generate ideas and build wacky contraptions that are both practical and humorous.

ESFJs love the small things in life. The taste of wine and how it makes your mouth feel, the way squirrels run up trees, the way sunshine warms the atmosphere. Simply put, ESFJs are easy to amuse. They love working with children and other people. They are incredibly warm, inviting, and friendly. ESFJs are completely lost in the moment. They are unconcerned with future consequences and future developments. The only thing that matters is what’s happening now, and reflecting back on those beautiful experiences. Their childlike demeanor can be attractive and refreshing to more intense and serious personalities.

However like every personality strength, these traits can be a double edged sword. As ESFJs are so in tune with the moment, their life perspective is considerably narrow. Their emotions can shift incredibly rapidly. Their abruptly shifting emotions can be unnerving to others, even terrifying, especially considering the abrupt strength and ferocity of an angry ESFJ. These powerful and intense mood shifts can be difficult for some people to deal with. As such, they need a partner who is completely unaffected, and observes the whole of their behavior in an emotionally detached manner. The best match for an ESFJ is the INTP.

Common Identities: The caretaker, the nurse, the aggressive lover, the secret nerd, the nature lover, the Activist, the Philosophical Leader.

Recommended Careers: Scientist, Artist, Writer, Priest, Caretaker, Nurse, Doctor, Vet, Banker, Accountant, Entrepreneur, Nature Guide.

Commonly Mistyped as: ISFJ, INFJ, ISTP, ESTJ

Famous ESFJs include: Bruce Campbell, Louis Black, Robin Williams, Regis Philbin, Elton John, Rihanna, Tom Cruise, Tyra Banks, Angela Kinsey.

Fictional ESFJs include: Harvey Dent (Batman: The Dark Knight)

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