ENTP’s are the eccentric geniuses. With Extroverted Intuition (Ne) as their primary function, otherwise known as objective intuition, and Introverted Thinking (Ti) as their secondary function, otherwise known as subjective logic, ENTPs are often in a world of ideas, theories, questions, and brief flashes of essence. The inside of an ENTP mind is one where ideas are flashing almost continuously, for every event in the moment. Where life starts at one point, it branches out into over a million end goals. This creative ability to see where things could end up, can make ENTPs rather manic in appearance. Overtime they learn to utilize their Ti and judge their own impulsive ideas as good or not.

With Ne at play, everything that is objectively not being seen in the moment, becomes seen in realtime. Much like the INTP, the ENTP will almost always be aware that the earth is currently on a collision course with a black hole. So overall, ENTP’s have a rather carefree existence and strive to live life as it comes. They don’t generally delve into the melancholy that INTP’s experience, they instead strive to experience the world and everything it has to offer, instead of ponder its meaning. Ne, compared to Se, has a sort of inverse quality. Where Se sees everyting that is directly apparent, Ne sees everything this is not apparent. Where an Se user sees the black lines of a barcode, Ne sees all the empty space not being used. As such, ENTPs often make very good debaters, and can see all the hidden aspects of a debate. They can easily detect and strike at a person’s blindspots. Along with debate tactics, ENTPs often have an odd knack for making money at the last minute. It is not uncommon to see an ENTP complaining about not having any money one day, and then completely swimming in it the next, only to be complaining about being broke again shortly afterward.

Weak Introverted Sensing manifests in several interesting ways as well. Many ENTPs will have a love for history, and collectibles. Many ENTPs will identify with being packrats. They see all the possible uses that objects may have, and may hold onto those objects which could be used “some day.”

ENTPs are almost completely inept in the realm of the tangible and concrete. When eating cereal with a spoon, it is not uncommon to have an ENTP walk up to you and ask, “what’s that spoon for?” Its almost as if they don’t fully believe the spoon exists, and they need confirmation. This isn’t to say that ENTPs have poor hand-eye coordination. On the contrary. Some of the best athletes are ENTPs, but lack of attention to the senses often makes them have a smaller built appearance than the more sensory oriented ESTP. Extroverted intuition in athletes, often has a puppeteer approach, where the person doesn’t actually fully believe they are experiencing the sport, they are simply role playing and acting on their gut.

With weak objective ethics and subjective sensing (Fe and Si), ENTPs will often be oblivious to others’ personal boundaries. ENTPs may take jokes too far, to the point that the joke is no longer funny and now insulting. They may talk to you at awkward distances, or not recognize your discomfort when you want to be alone. Usually ENTPs mean well, but they can also behave rather sadistically when bored. In the world of the internet and cyberspace, ENTPs are king. Memes and hilarious internet fads are often started by ENTPs, and ENTPs often make the number one internet “trolls”. With a lack of attention to subjective sensation, ENTPs are also quite oblivious to their own bodily needs. They may forget to eat, run to the bathroom at the last minute, or dress sloppily. Even when well dressed, something about the ENTPs behavior might still look sloppy if they are no good at recognizing their own Si. They need a partner who is well attuned to these kinds of details, who feels joy in taking care of their partner. The ENTPs best match is the ISFJs.

Common identities: The mad scientist, the carefree experimenter, the adventurer, the historian, the creative director, the collector, the outgoing nerd, the clown.

Recommended Careers: Entrepreneur, Investor, Lawyer, Inventor, Banker, Musician, Artist, Programmer, Psychologist, Scientist, Historian, Expedition Guide, Sales Representative.

Commonly Mistype as: INTJ, INTP, ESTP, ENFP

Common Enneagram Typings: 3 5 7 8

Famous ENTPs include: Benjamin Franklin, Albert Einstein, Newt Gingrich, Billy Bob Thornton, Ben Stiller, Tina Fey, Robert Downey Jr, Sarah Silverman.

Fictional ENTPs include: Malcolm Reynolds (Firefly), Bugs Bunny, Cheshire Cat, Garfield the Cat, Rusty Venture.

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