ENFP is the Thunder Storm. With extroverted intuition (Ne) as their primary function, otherwise known as objective intuition, and Introverted Feeling (Fi) as their secondary function, ENFPs live in a world of ideas, possibilities, and moral implications of the universe and civilization. They can be firey, enthusiastic, spontaneous, and intense, or they can be very easy going and quiet, often depending on enneagram and other subtype factors.

ENFPs cannot be controlled or contained. They despise fate, and will do everything it takes to prove you wrong. Its as if they walk through every door backwards. “Oh the places you’ll go.” If you tell an ENFP they are a feminist, they will become a staunch chauvinist just to prove you wrong. If you tell an ENFP that they’ll never be able to gain your attraction, they’ll do everything to prove you wrong. If you tell an ENFP they are impractical, they will fight to prove to you that they are. Often times, they are a victim of their own contrary behavior, and this can lead them to being taken advantage of or manipulated.

With Extroverted Intuition as their primary function, they often spot that which is hidden or not readily observable. When used in conjunction with introverted feeling, ENFPs will often search for another person’s moral intentions and deep rooted identity. This is what they judge. They can covertly pluck the strings, manipulate, and play with other people in order to get a feel for who they are. This ability is not directly stated, and their ability for subliminal emotional persuation is rivaled only by the INFJ. The difference between these personalities, is that where the INFJ ponders existence in its whole form in four dimensions, the ENFP ponders existence at this very moment.

The inner world of an ENFP is often a chaotic explosion of thoughts. With Ne as their primary function, they ponder possibilities, whether good or bad. Depending on enneagram, they may ponder all the possible things that could hurt them, they could ponder every possible opportunity they are missing, or they could ponder every possible way life could change. In any case, this can cause anxiety and restlessness in most ENFPs. An ENFP who doesn’t ponder these is often in touch with their Fi and Si, where they reach a state of inner calm, after rendering judgement on their impulsive thoughts, and thoughts about others.

With introverted feeling as their secondary function, ENFPs need to make a habit of rendering judgement on others. They spend so much time trying to stay open minded about people, that they can get into tough situations or bad relationships and never leave. It is important to learn that harsh judgement of others is not a bad thing, but a necessary means of self preservation. This is not selfish behavior. A weak and miserable person is no good to anyone, so taking care of oneself is of utmost concern.

ENFPs also have very strong identities and fight to assert who they are. They become hurt or pained when someone tries to get them to be something they are not, or challenges their self conception. Even though their self is subjective, it is still important for ENFPs to develop a strong knowledge of the self, and come to terms with it. This includes both their flaws and strengths. ENFPs almost always need the support of others in order to stay afloat financially without stress. This is a flaw, but its also important for ENFPs to recognize that they are loved by others because of their enthusiasm and energy. They bring life force into the lives of others who ultimately give up in life. Capitalizing on this strength, is where the ENFP begins to shine as an assertive heroic figure.

As Te is their third function, ENFPs often want to remain objection and open minded, only discussing the facts. Theoretical logic is completely alien to them, but learning facts  is not. They can be drifty and forgetful of details, such as leaving their keys in the refridgerator, and being generally forgetful.

With Si as their lowest function, ENFPs eventually learn how to achieve a state of inner calm and peace. Their cluttered thoughts can make them manic and eccentric. With a tranquil internal state, these thoughts begin to dissipate, and focus on healing the self emerges. They can be so action oriented and busy, that they don’t pay attention to their own bodily needs. Many can be prone to addiction or use of drugs and alcohol, if they do not focus on themselves enough. Even though sensation is of low priority to them, ENFPs can make excellent athletes if they act off their gut. Because they are prone to action, their active lifestyles can be very beneficial to their health so long as they remember to choose an environment that imbues a healthy set of moral guidelines.

ENFPs who are lost in their ponderings of the universe, may sometimes feel very insignificant or purposeless in the world, and can drift into a melancholic state or hold feelings of limbo or emptiness. In many cases, some ENFPs will strive to give the impression of someone who is independant, hardy and strong willed, but inside are mentally intense, yet one of the most gentle, compassionate and softspoken of the types.

With awareness of all potential possibilities at all times, ENFPs can become a slave to their Ne. It can be very helpful for an ENFP to get in touch with their Fi and Si, so they can sort through their thoughts and attain an inner tranquility, which gives them peace of mind. As such, they should search for a partner who is practical minded with Te, and able to help an ENFP focus. The ENFP’s best match is the ISTJ.

Common Identities: The psychologist, the cosmic observer, the moral protector, the activist, the contrarian, the inspirer, The Unstoppable Wit.
Recommended careers: Wilderness Guide, Tour Guide, Chef, Sales, Political Activist, Zookeeper, Writer, Artist, Musician, Teacher, Counsellor.
Common Enneagram Typings are: 2 4 6 7
Famous ENFPs Include: Nigella Lawson, Andrew Vanwyngarden, Sandra Bullock, Guy Pierce, Naomi Klein, Bill Clinton, Ryan Reynolds, Keanu Reeves, Will Smith.
Fictional ENFPs include: Belle (Beauty and the Beast), Aerial (The little mermaid), Wendy (Peter Pan)

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